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Distinguished Sharp Edge

ACM: White Lightning understands that quality product is critical, and re-work on site due to poor quality is very unnecessary & a highly preventable cost. In order to source on ACM partner with sound quality, we have visited and carefully audited more than 30 ACM manufacturers all across China.

While most ACM suppliers perform 10 basic procedures tests, our supplier performs 40 different tests to identify and prevent and quality defects. In addition to having the best quality, we have special multi-color ACMs that greatly reduce labor and 3M decals for canopy applications. These multi-color ACMs are widely used by many world-class petroleum companies. (Due to Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are unable to refer to company names). Our prices are amongst the most competitive on the market.

LED and Electronics: White Lightning is an expert in LED and electronic manufacturing. Our supplier has all of the SMT, AI, and product assembly lines in-house with the following strengths:

1. All LEDs and electronic components we buy are from world class distributors such as Arrow, Mouser, Digit Key, Avnet, and TTI Electronics. You can be 100% sure that these components are from authentic, trusted brands.

2. We have $500,000 worth of LED and electronic components on hand which are ready for immediate production.

3. White Lightning has on site offices at the factory. We manage the production process everyday from raw material to final product; we monitor and control quality step-by-step everyday with extreme attention to detail.

4. White Lightning is the factory’s largest customer, and we have a great relationship with them. No matter how small your order quantity is, we will get first priority for you.

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