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LED Module & Lighting Box

LED Module: Our supplier can inject Nichia LED modules with warranties up to 10 years at light output loss less than 30%. This is the longest lifespan available on the market. The LED chip is encapsulated by world class companies such as Nichia, Osram, Philips, Samsung, Cree etc. This is the reason we chose this factory. They ensure top quality from SMT module injection all the way through the aging process.


Other LED module factories make their own encapsulation, but their dust and process control do not even meet the basic requirements on encapsulation, often causing issues with the lifespan of the LED, thus generating large repair bills in the field.


Our supplier has groups of skilled workers that are trained to assemble many types of electronic products as well. You are welcome to provide drawings, a BOM or Gerber files for our assembly service.

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