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Quality Assurance

Every product has different specifications and therefore we have developed a unique QC program for each product. Our quality control team works closely with customers and offers a complete production analysis based upon customers needs and requirements:

Brainstorming Meetings: Before we start our production, we hold a meeting to clearly understand the scope of work. After the presented samples are approved, production starts work while adhering to high quality standards.

The following quality control documents are provided to production:

· Latest drawing verification

· Latest approved sample verification

· Investigate limitation for each defect

· Discussion of potential risk in production

· Make correct and complete working instructions for every stage

· Make correct and complete quality control document

· Make packing instruction

· Key process training program

Teamwork is vital for White Lightning’s company success. We encourage teamwork and believe that our employees can learn more from each other within their teams. This will result in better and faster production. Furthermore, it stimulates the intention to come up with new solutions for our company.
Routine work strengthens our quality assurance:

· Regular calibration for all equipments, instruments and tools

· Regular product maintenance program

· Regular training of company culture and individual quality awareness

· Regular training of every aspect for each employee. Duty training, skills training and quality consciousness are essential for the development of successful employees.

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