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White Lightning Great Value

Value 1:

Sourcing Best Supplier: ACM is very special on supplier end and special on customer end.

* on the supplier end, ACM production needs to be done right the first time. All quality rejected ACM is immediately disposed of. There is no way to rework the material after the paint is rolled onto the aluminum and trimmed from the reel to sheet. Therefore, the factory producing material must hold to high standards in their technique, quality control, and testing.

*  on the customer end, any quality rejection can delay the entire project between six to nine weeks. Time can be the greatest loss to a customer. However, if defective ACM is installed in the field, it will generate more cost in rework and reinstallation.

Therefore, White Lightning understands the need to find the best, most excellent and reliable supplier for its customers. This is the reason we spent five months and audited 30 different ACM factories before determining which to order materials from.


Your eyes in China: Since ACM is a product that does not allow re-work, factories consider cost while customers consider time. In some circumstances, factories consider the great cost of scrap and may still choose to ship the product to the customer regardless of quality.  Customers may agree to use the product even still due to the pressure of project timelines. With White Lightning as an asset on your team, we are able to reject product that does not meet the quality standards, and save a minimum of four to seven weeks by ocean shipment. The quality controls being completed in China gives the customer order reliability. There are about five project rejections each year done by White Lightning on behalf of our customers.

* White Lighting serves as the customer’s eyes on production in China.

*  White Lightning saves time & money if need for product rejection due to quality.

*  White Lightning keeps balance payments safe.

* White Lightning increases customer leverage in negotiations.


Best Practices - Preventing issues: Our quality manager strictly follows the inspection procedures, checking not only dimensions of orders, but also surface quality. This individual also spends several days to perform thirty different quality tests for each product in the factory. Please see the attached documentation for more details. When there is a quality issue which causes a product to be replaced, the production workers are fined by reducing bonuses & salaries. It is understood that White Lightning is a detail oriented & strict customer with a high standard of excellence. This standard ensures that products are paid special care and attention to prevent quality issues from occurring.


Quality Compliant: Not only do we send an 8D report regarding any and all customer complaints but also we may visit customer sites for defect investigation and discussion.


Relation Development: We developed excellent relationships with suppliers, both in business and in person. These individuals signed eight year sales agreements with us. This strong relationship helps us to:

* Real Life Example #1: A customer had 5 containers which were urgent in demand and we asked the factory to borrow raw aluminum from another vendor. This factory even completed overtime on a Sunday to expedite production.

* Real Life Example #2: we received an urgent LED order from a company just five days before the Chinese New Year Holiday, where they asked for an immediate production. We were able to ask the management of the supplier to persuade workers to stay in production. The workers cancelled bus and train tickets (which can be difficult to book and reschedule during the holiday). After the products were shipped, we rented cars to send these workers to their hometowns even hundreds of miles away. At the time, all factories had been closed. We appreciate the relation and friendship from our suppliers and we are always given first attention, first priority and first service from the factories.


Loading diagram:  White Lightning makes professional loading diagrams, which makes shipping easier for the customer in unloading product and warehouse management. Currently, there is no such document from our factory to any customer.


Logistic services: We provide shipping “to-your-door” service for our customers. It saves our customers time and energy in dealing with shipments.


Customer Service: We keep close communication with our customers and we have a very positive outlook towards customer service. We are ready to serve our customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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